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Tracking Number Not Found?

Weng Ni

You may have such questions to us about the tracking number from your email that showed “Tracking Not Found” and started to think that we give the wrong tracking number or is a scam? Worry not! Our factory has been operated for more than 10 years an

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What is High-Density Polyethylene Moulded Foam? 4 Reasons Why You Need This Office Chair

High-Density Polyethylene Moulded. A superb quality with a ultimate support, great durability, strong retention, Bacteria-Free, Solvent-Proof and comfort. 5 lbs or more per cubic foot (PCF) and density of 65-70kg/m3. Alterseat. Office Ergonomic Chair

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What is High Density Cold-cure Foam?

Alterseat Team

High density cold-cure foam. Produced by using water blown chemical foaming process at low temperatures. A superb quality with a very good durability, strong retention and comfort. 5 lbs or more per cubic foot (PCF) and densities of 50-60 g/l

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Cushion Quality Comparison Experiment

Ben Chen, Shaun Tan

Every claim needs evidence to back it up. So, we compared Alterseat's cushions to Product X using a series of tests. We placed 7kg of loads on each cushion for 2 hours to determine the cushions' respective durabilities. Results show that Alterseat's

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(Community Project) Social Marketing Sponsorship for Charity Bazaar by Rumah Charis

Ben Chen, Shaun Tan, Andrew

This is our first community project with Rumah Charis 恩惠之家! Solely serving our customer with great products and services is not sufficient for us. Hence, we decided to conduct a project to make contributions to the community. In 2000, the founder of

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Reviews from our Customers

Alterseat Team

Words are nothing without evidence. These are the proves that our products are services are delivered at the best quality!

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Just-in-time Inventory Management

Ben Chen

We are utilizing Just-in-time management to operate our business. So what is Just-in-time management? It is the reduced amount of inventory owned by a business after it installs a just-in-time manufacturing system. Doing so eliminates a considerable

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