• Alterseat | Introducing Alpha 1.0

    The Inspiration of MotorSports

    Introducing Alpha 1.0

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  • Alterseat | Multiple Customisations

    Various colours and chair parts await you to customise

    Multiple Customisations

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  • Alterseat | High Density Polyurethane Moulded Foam

    Advanced materials that provide long-term comfort for a long period of sitting

    High Density Polyurethane Moulded Foam

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  • Alterseat | 20 Years of Local Manufacturer

    We produce OEM products that are quality secured and genuine over 20 years in Malaysia and Singapore

    20 Years of Local Manufacturer

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  • Alterseat | Just-in-time Management

    A productive and efficient management, we reduce cost and produce fast and fresh chairs to you.

    Just-in-time Management

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  • Alterseat | Factory-Direct Business

    Offer you the superb quality of chair at factory price

    Factory-Direct Business

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  • Alterseat - Shaun T.

    Shaun T.

    Alterseat is a genuine product at factory price. highly recommend for business-to-business user. Even bought a few chairs for my own personal usage at home. Had really good experience with them and their customer service is top notch too. I'm a real advocate of their products!

  • Alterseat - Lam JJ.

    Lam JJ.

    Bought two chair, a lot of customisations to choose from , friendly person to assist with my choices . Highly Recommended for anyone to have their own personalised chairs.

  • Alterseat - Mary D.

    Mary D.

    Very good customer service.. he willing to travel extra to come to check the chair problem.. very responsive and responsible! Max star for the services! Chair also very comfortable n worth money!

  • Alterseat - Raja H.

    Raja H.

    Chair quality is geI received my package 2 days ago. The product is in perfect condition. No defects at all. The product came as pre-assembled and was easy enough to assemble into a chair as I just had to socket in the gas lift into the wheels’ part. Then finished it by mounting the main body onto the gas lift and it was good to go. So, you can't go wrong with this product by having issues such as missing nuts, bolts, screws, etc. Before writing this review, I've been using my chair extensively since I received it and I am loving it. It is a huge departure from my previous experienced using a non-ergonomic chair. Since I work long hours in front of a computer in a sitting position. By using this chair, it enables me to have long hours of sitting session comfortably and in a correct position. At this price point, this chair is affordable, ergonomic enough yet with a simple design. The cushion's foam is comfortable to sit on. The product is a solid build. I highly recommend it.

  • Alterseat - Faizal A.

    Faizal A.

    Dapat kerusi dalam masa 5 hari selepas order, macam mana dalam gambar yang tertera macam itulah yang sampai. 'Cushion' tempat duduk sangat selesa untuk dilabuhkan punggung bagi sesi penggunaan yang panjang terutamanya 'gaming'. 'Design' kerusi pejabat warna kerusi gaming bergaya sungguh. 'feauture' yang terpenting ergonomic menyokong pinggang kita.Bagi yang ragu2 nak beli, harga yang ditawarkan sangat berpatutan. Terima kasih Alterseat, terima kasih Gdex

  • Alterseat - Celina C.

    Celina C.

    Fast delivery and good quality. Very good follow up. There are many colours for us to choose. Very satisfied.

Alterseat | Factory-Direct Business

Factory-Direct Business

Supplying Office Furniture to Your Office at Factory Price

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Want a high quality chair but furniture stores sell too expensive? We are here to solve your problem today.

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Premium Quality of Cushioning and Material

Manufacturer-direct Model that Selling at Factory Price

Free Delivery for Purchasing More Than Any 5 Units 

Genuine OEM Products of Well-known Furniture Brands

Free Customization with Multiple Colors and Parts

Safe and Secure Payment with FPX, Boost and Paypal

Pre-assembled Items with Easy and Simple Assembly

Live Chat Agents Ready to Serve Your Inquiry

Supplying Office Furniture Across Malaysia and Singapore over 19 Years 

The More You Purchase, The More Discounts and Benefits You Get!

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