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Easily purchase CLE-250 via WhatsApp now:

  1. FREE DELIVERY for purchasing any 5 or more products
  2. Genuine OEM and Superb Quality products manufactured in Malaysia
  3. 2 years full chair warranty
  4. 10 years seat warranty

Product Specifications:

  • Heavy-duty material 
  • High Density Polythene Moulded Foam Cushioning: 65kg/m3
  • Adjustable headrest height and angle
  • Adjustable armrest height
  • Adjustable back support height
  • Adjustable recline tension
  • Adjustable chair height
  • 360 degree tilting 
  • Breathable and smooth mesh with cooling effects
  • Soft and smooth silk alike fabric 
  • 90 Degree Sitting Position Backrest

⭐Adjustable Height and Angle Headrest

Cushioned headrest can be manually adjust with height (10cm range) and angle (40 degree range).

⭐Adjustable Height Lumbar Support

Lumbar support can be adjusted upwards and downwards within 6cm to support your back.

High Density Polythene Moulded Foam 60kg/m3 (MediumType)

50mm thickness foam made with chemical injection that do not deform overtime and covered with smooth and soft silk alike fabric.

Nylon Built Body

Nylon: one of the strongest and durable material in furniture industry; used on this chair that assure your long-term safety when using it.

Nylon Base and Anti-noise PU Casters

Smooth and stable bottom of the chair provide you a safe and sound experience when sitting on it.

Adjustable Height Armrest

Adjust the height of armrest based on your arm’s preference and support.


90 Degree Sitting Position Backrest

A design to support a person who sit straight to work for long hours.

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Process of creating Premium and Perfection:

Unable to find the design of chair that you looking for? Contact us now and we may create the chair you want for you!

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