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  • REVO-101 [10 YEARS SEAT WARRANTY] Highest Quality of Budget Chair in Malaysia
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REVO-101 Medium-back ; 2x Greater, Tougher and Comfort Than A-101

RM 269.99
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2x Better, Tougher and Comfort than A-101 Series

  2. RM20 DELIVERY FEES will be charged for other states in PENULISAR MALAYSIA.
  3. Genuine and Premium Quality product manufactured in Malaysia.
  4. 1 year and 6 months of full chair warranty and 10 years seat warranty.

Product Specifications:

  • Semi heavy-duty material 
  • High Density Polythene Moulded Foam Cushioning: 65ρ/m3
  • Adjustable back-rest recline tension
  • Adjustable chair height
  • 1-lock mechanism enable to recline (Angle lock recline tilting: No)
  • 360 degree tilting 
  • Soft and smooth silk alike fabric cover
  • Breathable mesh with cooling effects
  • Standardized backrest design to support spin

Product Features:

High Density Polythene Moulded Foam 65ρ/m3 (Medium Type)

50mm thickness foam made with chemical injection that do not deform overtime and covered with smooth and soft silk alike fabric.

Nylon Built Body

Nylon: one of the strongest and durable material in furniture industry; used on this chair that assure your long-term safety when using it.

Smooth and Silky 

Covered with fabric and mesh that is so smooth and satisfying to touch and feel.

Semi Heavy-duty Base and Casters

Enhanced version of PP (Polythene) base with even tougher and wider in order to increase the stability of chair.  

Wide Back Curve Shape

Standardized design that provide the proper posture of sitting and adequate comfort.

What is the difference with PP Base and Heavy-duty Nylon and PU Castors?

PP Base and CastorsHeavy-duty Nylon Base and PU Castors
Weight Capacity (BIFMA Test)500kg1100kg
Stability NormalHigh
Smoothness of FlooringGoodGreat (PU Castors are made with soft outside layer in order to increase smoothness of all type of flooring) 
Extension of Warranty
YES (additional 6~12 months)

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Process of creating Premium and Perfection:


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